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Batting Cage


Batting cages are an essential part of preparing players of competition. The 1st Source Bank Performance Center offers:

  • Six full-size regulation cages

  • Four state-of-the-art Ultimate Trainer 3000 pitching machines for baseball as well as both fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball

  • One Iron Mike pitching machine that is capable of throwing professional-speed balls up to 85 mph

  • One throwing lane with a regulation dirt pitching mound

  • Safety and performance equipment in every cage which includes bats, helmets and balls

SB Cubs Performance Center FB Cover Photo 3.jpg
SB Cubs Performance Center FB Cover Photo  2.jpg

Single cage rental is $30/30 minutes and $55/60 minutes

The training area is a flexible space designed specifically to accommodate training needs in a professional setting. From agility drills to grounding, long-toss catch and nearly any other team training, practice or meeting you may need, the flexible training space is perfect for your team or group.

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